Robert DeMaine, Principle Cello of Los Angeles Philharmonic - 5 Stars

I want to just write, “I ******* love this thing,” and leave it at that, but it deserves a closer and much more detailed rave review than that.

I’m loving every feature of this great device, which is so much more than simply a spike. It’s a lightning rod of sound transmission, and it is greatly helping to open up my sound more than I ever thought possible. My cello is not only sounding better than ever, it’s so much more fun to play! One needs to try this wonderful thing to believe it. I was a big skeptic; no longer!

After a few days of enjoying just the 10mm-diameter Cube Acoustics endpin in my cello, I decided to take the plunge and get the full treatment with endpin housing and tailgut, and while I first believed adding these features would merely be an aesthetic improvement (and they DO look beautiful, with the option of bluing of the endpin, screw, tailgut, and housing metal - something to consider if you want something a bit less flashy than the original golden look of the alloy - as well as the stunning quality and finish of the ebony housing - all these features being way superior to anything else I’ve seen out there), they noticeably boosted sonically what was already so good about the endpin, and completed the picture. Matt Schiebold, a terrific cellist in his own right and with encyclopedic knowledge of metallurgy, acoustics, engineering, and woodworking, with a lot of research, strong vision, and uncompromising standards, brought this whole idea to life with tremendous passion and precision, custom-making these parts for the individual instrument, creating these bespoke (and gorgeous) components of this often overlooked and misunderstood element of the modern cello setup: our “anchor” to the room physically and sonically.

This innovation is sure to provide cellists and bassists with a sound advantage they haven’t yet experienced. Who would have thought...?!?

Bravo, Matt! You’re gonna be remembered for this.
And, thank you for the opportunity to be one of your first clients.



Isaac Bovyer, Cellist

To anyone who is considering looking for a new endpin, this is route to go. Matt Schiebold’s Endpin is without a doubt in my mind, one of the greatest innovations in the cello world in a long time. Mr. Schiebold is an incredible mind, a great person to know, and the product he produces is more than perfection.

Upon installation (I purchased a 10mm “blued” endpin), it has not only opened up my instrument (I own a 1994 Miralles Strad Model) dramatically, but the range of overtones The instrument now produces is honestly staggering. The entire range of the instrument now is perfectly balanced, and the articulation, playability, and ease of the instrument is honestly nothing that I ever thought possible. I honestly cannot stop practicing!

In short, this endpin not just a game changer, but the end all be all of endpins. I cannot wait to work more with him in the future to only further unlock my instruments potential.


Jim Anderson, Cellist

I have been amazed at the difference my Cube Acoustics end pin has made in the responsiveness of my German cello which previously also had a very pronounced "wolf" and now is gone. I have personally witnessed the care and precision that has gone into producing an endpin "tuned" for maximum tone quality. I am convinced I now need to take the next step and go with the full setup that Matt and Cube Acoustics offers! Well worth it! Great job Matt!

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